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I was born and raised in the coal mine area called Ruhrarea. It´s a working class area with kind, genuine, down-to-earth people. In 2016 there will be all spotlights on that area, because of Adolf Winkelmann and Peter Thorwart: they’re producing the coming of age comedy “Radio Heimat“ for the big screen about four teenagers and their “First Time“ and takes place in the 80s. I support them in the role of a mum who was pregnant too early and now tries to get back what she has lost while raising her daughter. The comedy is the debut on big screen for director Matthias Kutschmann. But he was in very good hands: producer Peter Thorwart landed one of the biggest German box offices hits of all times as a director with “Bang Boom Bang“ in 1999. That action-comedy was about the people in the Ruhrarea, too! It’s a popular area 🙂

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